Judy Odden

“Tom and I would like to thank Darci so much for taking such good care of us while we searched for a home on the Cape. We love the house, which now already seems like “home” and we so appreciate all of the features it has. We have truly adapted and feel like we have always been in this area. We have so many friendly neighbors who have adopted us as friends, and it is really amazing that on every side, front, back, and both sides of our home people have come over to introduce themselves and have become very good friends and neighbors. We always thought Clarksville, VA was great, but everything is so much more convenient to us here. We now have our mail delivered to our own mailbox, rather than going every other day to our box in town and shopping at the only grocery store, fourteen miles round trip. We love the convenience of some of our favorite shopping and medical places being so close to home, as opposed to going to Durham (50 miles) and Raleigh (60 miles) in NC once or twice a week.
Darci has been great in recommending specialty workers for our needs, and filling us in on all areas of need for us. We thank her so much, and appreciate her going far and beyond “selling” us a house that we now call our home.
In VA, we were the “old people” on the cove, but now we are surrounded by people our age, who talk about children and grandchildren, similar ailments, common favorite places to eat out, favorite hobbies, favorite places to explore, and favorite things to do. We really feel at home and love this area Darci had told us about. We didn’t think a retirement area would be to our liking, but we are feeling young again. (Figuratively speaking, not physically of course) We thank Darci so much for being the perfect realtor for us. We felt like we had known her all our lives-she was that personable.”

— Judy Odden